Frequently Asked Questions


What is the PlaceLeap® System?


PlaceLeap® is a premium comprehensive revitalization system designed to help communities take their downtowns and commercial districts to new levels by creating custom strategies developed from intensive and interactive public input sessions, direct interviews with key community stakeholders, and online surveys. This process creates rock-solid implementation plans and is brought together by an extensive community branding system, all within a condensed time frame, that gives communities easy-to-understand steps and tools to help maximize their efforts, whether they are just getting started or have been doing downtown revitalization for many years. For a more detailed list of what’s included, check out our “What Is PlaceLeap?” Section.



Who is behind the PlaceLeap® System?


National downtown and economic development leaders Place + Main Advisors, LLC of East Lansing, Michigan, and branding and urban planning luminaries ArnettMuldrow & Associates of Greenville, South Carolina. In fact, all work done within the PlaceLeap® System will be done by principals of these respective firms. Meaning, your community will get our “A Team” every time and not backfilled with interns or people with little experience.



How is this different from the typical planning services our community receives through our existing planning staff or contractor?


Our system is not meant to replace anything you might already be doing. In fact, in many cases it will jump start your community’s efforts in revitalizing your downtown or other traditional commercial corridor. The PlaceLeap® Systems gather information from numerous sources, including your existing planning staff or contractor, and produces a strategy that is compatible with master planning efforts as well as economic and community development implementation work. This strategy, combined with a powerful branding system, our action-oriented implementation plans, and tracking project technology, provides a supercharged boost to the community’s development dreams.



How long does this process take?


The PlaceLeap® System is designed to begin implementation in as little as 30-60 days. The bulk of the work is done on-site during input sessions and compiled afterward. Communities should expect to see a progress report by the end of the first field session and draft recommendations. From there, our team will complete compilation and drafting of the final plan. Our team will return on an as-needed basis, with no additional costs to clients. The final PlaceLeap® System will be presented in person to the local steering committee and elected officials if requested.



Our community is not terribly well organized and we haven’t really started doing anything yet. Is this a good product for us?


Yes. Our highly experienced team can help identify the possible players you will want to have in the room moving forward. We evaluate where you are in the redevelopment organizational process and make recommendations tailored to your level of ability to execute, so you aren’t let with grand plans and no way to get them done. Furthermore, our system details each recommendation on a step by step basis, allowing for the focus to be on what needs to get done instead of trying to figure out how to get it done.



Our community has been doing downtown redevelopment a long time. Is there anything we can get out of this process?


Absolutely. We tailor our PlaceLeap® System based on your ability to execute the system. If you have a high functioning organization, our recommendations will look to bring that to a whole new level. No matter how long a community has been doing downtown revitalization, it’s important to breathe new life into a program, and our team can do that. With highly experienced business development, marketing and real estate development professionals, we can develop a system that takes even the most experienced organization and take them to new heights.



We’ve looked at your pricing, and frankly, you look expensive. Why does it cost so much?


We can understand that sentiment. However, if you look at the individual components of the PlaceLeap® System, they would be much more expensive to do each of them separately: a comprehensive community branding system, a step-by-step downtown revitalization strategy, market study, and a communications plan alone would easily run much higher if you were to assemble firms to do all this work separately, let alone all the other services your community will receive. By packaging them together, communities not only get an economy of scale, but the work done by the same team, who will already be intimately familiar with all the other parts.



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