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What is the PlaceLeap™ System?


PlaceLeap™ is a premium comprehensive revitalization system designed to help communities take their downtowns and commercial districts to new levels by creating custom strategies developed from intensive and interactive public input sessions, direct interviews with key community stakeholders, and online surveys. This process creates rock-solid implementation plans and is brought together by an extensive community branding system, all within a condensed time frame, that gives communities easy-to-understand steps and tools to help maximize their efforts, whether they are just getting started or have been doing downtown revitalization for many years.


The PlaceLeap™ system provides:


  • PlaceLeap Management Evaluation Tool- This assessment measures more than 90 different physical, organizational, and promotional areas for your downtown or commercial district. From pedestrian friendliness, to business mix, to historic preservation, this tool gives communities a comprehensive starting place to see what assets they have and what areas they need to work on.


  • Placemaking and Downtown Project Recommendations- based on market analysis, focus groups, and public Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, custom projects will be recommended to increase a community’s attractiveness to talent and help it to create a place-based economic development strategy.


  • Community Branding- This complete branding system for the community, downtown organization, and events help give each entity or event its own high-quality logo and organizes it within a larger community brand and adds a level of professionalism to the community. This service will work with the community to determine if a new brand needs to be developed or simply refresh an existing brand or logos and then work with the community to create something they love and call their own.


  • Prioritization and Work Plan Facilitation- What should your community do and when should they do it? This service helps communities organize themselves to maximum return on their time and effort. Using our extensive experience, our team will help communities organize and prioritize key strategies and tactics.


  • Public meetings and SWOT Analysis - Public input is an important part of any community-led project. Engaging the community not only unlocks new ideas that are specific to the community, but also engages people to the point of expanding the community’s volunteer base. This service conducts these important community conversations.


  • Focus Groups- Getting direct input from downtown property owners, business owners, employees and residents is important in developing plans that are implemented. This service engages these groups in one-on-one or in a small group format to have more in-depth discussion from key stakeholders in the community.


  • OppSync™- Having a strong downtown or local shopping district is a critical place component in attracting talent. This service focuses on looking at the retail, office, and housing opportunities within the community to help position it as a place that retains and attracts talent.


  • Implementation Partners- Place-based economic development requires teamwork from city staff as well as throughout the community. This service helps identify potential Implementation Partners to take on projects and lead implementation teams charged with making projects happen.


  • Implementation Plans- Too often communities get ideas from consultants with no idea how to execute them. PlaceLeap™ Implementation Plans are detailed documents that outline project recommendations in a step-by-step work plan to go from idea to completion.


  • MarketLeap™- This 1-page recruitment document with market analysis will help communities communicate their best features to prospective talent and businesses in an easy to understand and impactful way.


  • Online Project Management- How do you manage projects with many staff and volunteers involved? By using a free, open online project management tool. Our team will craft both hard copies of your community’s PlaceLeap™ plan as well as create a custom online plan that allows the community to better interact and communicate with each other to implement the plan.


  • CommLeap™- The development of a full communication strategy including key messages and tactics including topics to inform media on; review of existing and creation of new marketing materials to support overall strategic communications; research and create a media list of key contacts, media publications and outlets, across a variety of areas of interest.



Community Requirements:

Multi-disciplinary local team (city manager, downtown manager, Chamber board, DPW, local business and property owners, residents)





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